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Quotes I had Tempest Air airbrush a Pittsburgh Steelers bar table for my dad for his birthday. I knew with Jenn working on it, I wouldn't be disappointed. But, let me tell you, the time, passion, thought and work she put into it is beyond words - just beautiful. It will be the centerpiece of a room at my dad's house. From here on out, ANY airbrushing I need or any of my friends/family will be sent her way. I promise, anything you get done by her, you won't be disappointed! Quotes
Super Satisfied Customer

Quotes Just wanted to tell you about the many compliments I have received over the years since you did my leather jacket, at a music fest. I see that you included a photo of the work in your "Unique Projects" collection. I am flattered by that. The artwork has held up perfectly and I don't treat the jacket with any special care...your work is not only original and striking, it is absolutely durable. I refer people to you, whenever they ask, "Who did your jacket?" I am so glad I came to you with my jacket! Quotes
Jim "LONER" Knight
Motorcycle Enthusiast

Quotes Tempest Air's work is on many of our lodge shirts, flags and banners. Nothing like custom airbrush work, even if we did have to go north of the Mason Dixon Line to get it! Quotes
Dee Stiller
Lodge Wares

Quotes Tempest Air did an amazing stage banner for us which has adorned our stages across the North American continent. An amazing rendition of the thunder serpent of Niagara Falls. Many thanks! Quotes
Dragon Ritual Drummers
Stage Banner

Quotes I needed a pair of jeans airbrushed ASAP for a party, and Jenn hooked me up big time! I'll definitely be coming back for more!!!!! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I'm also one who had a halfbaked idea and she turned it into a life like portrait that was more real than you could dream up on your own...so please give her your ideas and won't be disappointed at all...it'll be worth millions when she's done! Quotes
The Bald Guy
1 Happy Customer

Quotes I wanted a gift for my son and his wife that spoke to their relationship. The Bodhran was perfect! The knot work and koi were on their wedding cake and the smaller koi represents my soon-to-be-here grandbaby. Thanks Jenn, it is perfect. Quotes
Mary Hudson

Quotes I went to Jenn with a half formed idea and she went to work. "Have fun with it", I said. She took that idea and brought it to life. I've since gone back for 4 more shirts and plan to get more. I plan to had her work on my drum that I built this past summer as well and it's fantastic! Quotes
Founding Member AARD ;)